I don't really like you.

I thought you might want it.


Let's not just sit around. Let's go out and do something.

You should write Coleen a letter.

Why don't you see if you can't give her a pep talk?

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I couldn't help laughing at his haircut.


Saqib is always making a mess of things.


It scared me.


Why did the newly married Japanese man say something bad about his wife?

I'd hang the people who did this to me on a meat hook.

Thanks. I appreciate it.

He thought it foolish of me to go to Kyushu by bike.

Hirofumi patted his son on the shoulder.

You're very timid.

Even if you make great efforts, you won't be able to achieve it.

They've decided not to come.

It's only a Google search away.

Spread the love.

I'm interested in improving my French.


What you have to do tomorrow - do today; what you have to eat today - eat tomorrow.

I have to admit that that never occurred to me.

Erik didn't believe Lee.


The sayings of Confucius are famous.


Ritchey has finished painting the picture of Cathryn that he's been working on for a couple of months.

How did you come to love her?

I wrote the answers carefully.

I will help you buy one concert ticket.

Straka was sitting behind me.


Hey, now we're talking.

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Do you know this song?

I was late.

Close your eyes! Barrett is walking around naked.

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I don't like that sentence.

Are you tired of waiting in line?

Konstantinos sounded very positive.


That book is a new book.

It's not on the map.

Rainer put gas in the car.

Avery walked toward the pool.

If someone wants the ceremony to be held in accordance with Japanese Shinto ritual, then that is possible at this church.

They've caught Jennifer.

I think Brodie will listen to me.

You must not live beyond your means.

Would you like to leave a message?

I've heard the French version of this song.

Do you enjoy it?

My car was stolen.

Smoking may lead to a slow and pleasant death.

Ernie opened the passenger door for Arne.

Lester ran back down the stairs.

They make a great team.

I am very sensitive to heat.

If you want to go an adventure, you need to learn how to react quickly.

You're free to go, of course.

My life has been changed by this book.

Auto imports will take a nose-dive in the first quarter.

In my opinion, Twitter is a waste of time.

I studied there a year ago.

She's as pretty as her sister.

Sergeant is too young for me anyway.

What are you doing sitting here in the dark all by yourself?

Kerri bought a new pair of ice skates.


The family likes to watch murder mysteries.

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How about something cold to drink?

Sylvan certainly doesn't want to take advice from Damone.

He is going to tell me his story.

I thought you had all the answers.

Lievaart certainly can't expect to live with us.

Sunday comes after Saturday.

Sharada doesn't know where it came from.

Does this taxi go to the Jingan temple?

She observes my good friend.

I ask about apples, and you answer me about pears.

Maybe we could collaborate.

They bought a house on Park Street.

Sally was constantly changing her hairstyle.

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I'm knackered.

Noemi obviously wants to help Ning.

She doesn't have any children, does she?

There are enormous risks.

What if the Statue of Liberty was made out of gold?

Paola started the fire.

I thought you already have a job.

Kimberly isn't as tall as Frederick.

Have you seen them yet?


Kristen graduated from college three years ago.


I fell in love with Emily.

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Who's your favorite TV chef?


I have a lot of patients who are older than me.

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Lana never wants to see Kory again.

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Roy shouldn't have compared his teacher to Hitler.

He hurried so as to be in time for the train.

This road isn't on the map.

Shuvra tried to prevent Jeffie from going to the police.

Cats can't learn to speak.

It's too creepy.

You're the only one for me now.

Is living the goal of life?

He's so cosseted he can't do anything by himself.

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Sharan made Deirdre some toys.

He didn't get jealous.

All three have resigned.

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Sergeant is a cowboy.

Not a word he says is worthy to be heard.

In the end, he did not come.


You should've paid more attention in class.

If he wants money, he'd take it from me.

They can cause kidney failure.


I think that's a lot of malarkey.


Pinching the back of your shoulder should help you to cure hiccups.

Don't worry Gale, it's nothing to be alarmed about.

I may be unsociable, but it doesn't mean I don't talk to people.

This initiative strives to promote writing in Occitan.

It was raining, so I stayed home.

He is by nature quite an easy-going man.

Kyu asked Marilyn if she needed a ride home.


Screw the boys.

I wouldn't blame you if you preferred to leave.

You can do that later.


I'm surprised Audrey gave Ellen all the money she asked for.

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Ken wishes to brush up his English.

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None of them are present.


I'm pretty sure.

Josip asked me how long my parents had been married before they separated.

Whatever shall I do?

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That's why I'm not getting married.

Even Ping wouldn't do that.

Love is not a finite resource.


We've got a canoe.

I'm going to run.

May I use this?


I sold it on craigslist.

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What makes you think Mario can do this?

I can't sing as well as Charley did.

You're the expert, Panacea.

Living things are made from cells.

Your room is ready now.

I put in for a transfer.

What do you think of censorship?

We don't need anything else!

Any improvement is good.


I told them not to give up.

We do not respect the environment as much as we should.

I'd like to believe only good things about her, but her behaviour is really rude indeed.


The car is parked in Zone E, space 97. That's out the main door, to the right and down at the end of the terminal building.


You know Yvonne better than anyone.

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Molly told me you used to live in Australia.

She committed a crime.

I have a job to finish.

Someone betrayed us.

This cake is very delicious.

He knows how to plant palm trees.

Our stay has been very pleasant.

He's begun to look for a job.

I cycle to work.


We don't have a chance.

She shot a glance at her mother.

Hugh built a ship inside a bottle.

Glen heard Gregge just had a baby girl.

Sanford likes people similar to himself.